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    About SugarDance

    Who we are?
    Dancers for events are especially happy.

    We specialize in making happy at weddings, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, social events, birthdays and virtually any event that combines music and dance.

    The dancers are dancers who come from dance styles such as Latin dances, salsa batsata. Folk dances, hip hop and more.

    Beyond the professional knowledge in dance our dancers are professional happy, know how to connect with people and bring out the hidden dancer that exists in each of us.

    Equipped with joy, a big smile and charisma.

    Avi Sugar, the owner and manager of SugarDance, is a professional dancer. Formerly a dancer in the Bat Dor band, the Inbal band, a dancer in festivals and TV shows. Latin and ballroom dance teacher and also participated in the National Latin Dance Championship 2017. Currently the owner and manager of Sugar Dance Dancers for Events, operates teams of dancers for events in Israel and abroad.

    The dancers arrive at the event dressed elegantly like the guests, they are the first to be on the dance floor and create an overwhelming energy that makes an inviting feeling for your guests to get up and join the arena with a huge smile on their face.


    Who is the service suitable for?
    Weddings, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, social events and even birthdays of the age of 90. At each event you will receive a professional, quality service that suits the nature of your event.

    Additional services we will be happy to give you:

    Groom Bride Dance | The firts dance.
    Flashmob | Flashmob.
    Bat Mitzvah Dance / Bar Mitzvah Dance.
    Visible dancers and covert dancers for a social event.

    Salsa dancing

    ballroom dancing

    Latin dances

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