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      About the company SugarDance

      SugarDance is a company which provides professional dancers with experience in many dance styles such as: Latin dance, hip hop, folk dance, salsa, bacata and more.

      We specialize in energizing the atmosphere as dancers who integrate with your croud as undercover guests and also as professional dancers.

      With over a decade of experiance, at events in Israel and around the world.

      We will give you the confidence, that at your event everyone will dance and be happy, far beyond what you imagined.

      At SugarDance, as undercover dancers, we create an energized atmosphere on the dance floor, touching the hearts of your family and friends. Sweeping the audience up on their feet.

      The results are amazing and the responses are quick to arrive. With SugarDance at your event, the guests will continue dancing more than they imagined and the event will be much happier, for sure.

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      Latin dances

      Ballroom dancing

      Salsa dances

      Dancers for events

      The ace up the sleeve of the world of events – dancers for events, conquers the world of joy and brings with it new and especially lively energies, which will lift every event to new levels. Want to upgrade your event with a group of dancers who will upgrade the atmosphere and make everyone tear up the dance floor? That’s why we, the Sugardance team, are at your service. We have a selection of high-quality male and female dancers who are suitable for any event – wedding, bar or bat mitzvah, corporate events, launches and more! We know how to make people happy and break the ice, so that all the guests will join in a crazy celebration that never ends.

      Why is it recommended to invite dancers to events?

      Jump up the event – do you want to lift up the guests who are sitting on the side, next to the tables or near the square but don’t dare to do the head jump and join in a fun and joyful dance? Event dancers are the ultimate solution for this. The professional dancers impersonate ordinary guests who without fear join the dance floor and create a feeling of ease, break the ice and encourage the celebrants to make the happy ones happy.
      No one likes to be first – being the first person to start dancing alone is something that almost no one likes, and at many events where the target audience is older or alternatively simply shy and insecure, the plaza can remain empty for long minutes. Our dancers will fill the square and spread the feeling of security, lack of judgment and enjoyment to all the other invitees, who will soon join.
      Breaking the ice – dancing in the parsha is something that requires courage and self-confidence, which not all those invited to the events have. There are populations that need to be stimulated in order to join the expansion, and that is what we are here for. Secret dancers, for example, are responsible for ensuring that as many guests as possible join the dances.

      Dances for any type of event

      Do you also want to get into the rhythm? The dancers of the Sugardance Company will guarantee you and your families a dance experience in an unforgettable event. We come to all types of events and adapt ourselves to your target audience. Want to upgrade your event and be sure that it will be happy and enjoyable? Interested in spicing up the celebration with flash mob dances? Contact us today and you too will start moving.

      Professional dancers for events

      Many times we want to host an event, whether it’s a social event, a wedding or a bar mitzvah, and are afraid that the crowd will not flock to dance on the dance floor and that they will not be happy. Just for cases like this, you can hire the service of dancers for events. The dancers can be hidden, meaning that they have a cover story about how they were invited to the event but at the moment of truth go and dance in the center of the square, and the dancers can be visible, meaning that everyone knows that their goal is to be dancers and engage the audience in couple and group dances. If you are looking for a company that will supply you with dancers, SUGAR DANCR is the company you are looking for.

      Event Dancers: The Ultimate Cheerleaders

      When we organize an event, there is often the fear that people will not join the dance floor, since no one likes to be the first on the square. That is why, there are people whose job it is to be undercover dancers. Those event dancers aim to lift the event up and be the first on the floor to dance, and yes, to dance with all their energy. Each of the hidden dancers has a cover story, for example a military friend of the bride or a sister of the best friend of the bar mitzvah child’s parents. Thus, the dancers are really integrated as part of the guests and make happy together with everyone.

      Who needs to invite dancers for events

      We won’t go as far as to say that every event must have undercover dancers. We will say that those dancers for events no matter what, will only make your guests happy, spread goodness and dancing fever. There are many events with young guests where it is not necessary to bring a large amount of undercover dancers, but in events such as social events and weddings where many people are not invited due to a lack of people to invite, a large amount of undercover dancers will make the event happier and will make more people get up and dance.

      Some information about us

      SUGAR DANCE is a company that provides dancers all over Israel. It provides overt and undercover dancers, dancers from a variety of dance styles such as ballroom dancing, Latin dancing and salsa dancing. Our team of talented dancers do their work wholeheartedly with a complete belief that the best thing you can do for people is to make them happy. For your next event, you take our dancers!

      For a perfect event, call now 052-3249081

        Dancers for events

        If you want your event to be perfect in all respects, event dancers is something you should consider adding to your celebration. Sugardance, a company that employs professional and high-quality dancers, will be happy to make you happy on the dance floor at your event. If you want the invited audience to overcome their shyness or embarrassment and stand on their feet on the dance floor, you should consider and invite professional dancers who will add fun and energy to the dance floor. Our dancers are experts in a variety of dance styles and know how to wake up the audience and put them in a relaxed, comfortable and pleasant atmosphere that will get them off their feet.

        Why should you invite dancers for events?

        To break the ice – dancing is something exciting by nature, a person who dances expresses his inner soul in a language that the mouth cannot say. However, not everyone feels comfortable dancing in public because of a feeling of insecurity or fear of awkward and awkward movements, but skilled dancers for events will be able to break the ice and make the invited audience feel comfortable and dance along with them without fear.


        To raise morale – in certain dances, dancers for events invite participants from the audience to stand up and join them in dancing together. One of the prominent roles of the dancers is to encourage those invited to the event to join in the dance on the dance floor, instilling a feeling of relaxation and joy.
        To add more people to the celebration – many event organizers invest a lot of money and resources in organizing and setting up a beautiful and high-quality event, they don’t always think about what will happen on the dance floor during the event, whether many people will participate in the dancing or whether there will be a more “dry” atmosphere. Dancers for events can also add people who did not intend to join her for one reason or another to a joint dance.

        The dancers for your perfect event

        If you want to make your event more than just another event for the celebration of the year, you should choose Sugardance dancers – a company that provides professional dancers with experience and tremendous energy who can blow your event into the air. So if you’re into the rhythm and you’re interested in adding some pepper to the celebration, call now.

        Dancers for events price

        Holding a Bar Mitzvah event for a child? A wedding that aims to be big and happy? Company dance party at work? For each of them, there is a place to have a dance floor at the event. One of the biggest concerns at such events is that no one will get up to dance, despite the excellent music and excellent atmosphere. Therefore, many are looking for dancers for events that will jumpstart the event and make it unforgettable. If you are having trouble finding, meet SUGAR DANCE, a company that provides male and female dancers from different worlds of dance for any event you want.

        Dancers for events that will lift the atmosphere

        Nowadays, in events whose purpose is to dance and make happy, dancers are brought to events that will be hidden, that is, that will be part of the guests at the event. As soon as the music starts and it’s time to dance, the same dancers position themselves in the center of the square and start dancing. Many people do this because no one wants to be the first to get up to dance. It’s the most fun to join the dance when there is already a large crowd dancing and all that’s left is to join the atmosphere. With undercover dancers, none of the invitees to the event should be the one to sing the dance on their own.

        Who are event dancers for?

        In general, for any event you can combine dancers for events that are hidden. In cases like big weddings where all you need is to get started at the beginning, you can take a few undercover dancers. In events where more serious people are invited, company events or limited events, it is recommended to take a larger amount of undercover dancers. Undercover dancers impersonate people who are part of the event – a friend from the groom’s army, an old girlfriend of the bride, and more. Everyone has a cover story that is coordinated in advance with the owner of the event.

        Who we are?

        We, SUGAR DANCE, are a company that provides services of dancers and dance lessons. We provide hidden dancers, visible dancers, dancers from a variety of dance styles such as salsa, ballroom and Latin dances and also provide attractions for special events such as a bride and groom dance, a special marriage proposal and more. Our male and female dancers have a lot of experience, great talent and love for the profession and a true belief that their main goal is to make people happy. They are the heart of the company and what makes SUGAR DANCE one of the leading companies in Israel for dancers.

        Recommendations on SugarDance dancers for events
        Yonatan and Einav
        We met my father about a year ago when we decided we wanted to start Lindy Hop dancing. My father helped us learn the basics of dancing and leading in a thorough and in-depth way. We met with my father once a week and we felt how slowly the rhythm en...
        Love Hila and the Levy family
        We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing dance you danced together with Hila at her Bat Mitzvah celebration. Hila knew exactly what song and what style she wanted to dance at the event and Avi – with a lot of patienc...
        Morey and Deena Schwartz
        Our youngest son got married this past week. We decided to surprise the family by performing a choreographed dance. Our search for an instructor led us to Avi Sukar. Avi is a phenomenal, kind, patient teacher. We looked forward to every lesson with h...
        Tamar Lamdan
        Dear Avi, It was wonderful working with you and your dancers. Thank you for heating up Tal & Gal’s dual celebration on December 26, 2014,(Bat Mitzvah & Birthday Party). I appreciate your cooperation and willingness to do and try anythin...
        Hi Abby, we are happy, you made us happy yesterday. As you saw, there were many professionals at the event yesterday – and they all did an excellent job. But you are basic. You were the key to success, in everything related to the dance floor....
        We thank you for your participation with the team of dancers at our wedding party, there was great joy on the dance floor and this is mainly thanks to the dancers who, although they were hidden, stood out on the dance floor and excited the audience a...
        Tali and Ofer Lafler
        Tali and I got married on January 1 three weeks ago. First, I’m sorry I didn’t find time to sit down to write you a thank you letter. We simply answered the phone waves of 700 of our guests who called to thank for a magical evening. Secon...
        Debbie and Taylor Malkov
        My daughter and I met Avi Sukar in Harkada, and we immediately connected. More than a year before the event we planned a special entrance dance and knew exactly what we wanted. We kept in touch with my father, and decided to start rehearsals about fo...
        Karen Zafarir
        My father was organized and efficient and pleasant to work with. He and his dancers arrived early for the event and were properly dressed. My clients were very happy with the service – Sugardance definitely made sure the guests danced! I highly...
        (anonymous, hidden)
        Before an event there is tension, will the event be happy? Will they get up to dance? We decided we wanted peace of mind. We received a warm recommendation for Avi Sukar and indeed we had a very happy event, the square was full until the wee hours of...
        Gil and Anna Gutman
        We got married on 28/11/2016 at the Princess Halls in Haifa, the team of Avi Sugar (Sugar dance) came to our wedding and lifted the event, made many guests come to the dance floor, rejoice in our wedding and made the wedding an unforgettable event fo...
        Naora Goldberg an architect
        Avi Sugar and his band turned my birthday party from just another event into an unforgettable evening. As an architect, I know that a project without an idea, meaning and passion – will not move. My guests, even those who had never danced...
        The Peleg family
        We would like to express many thanks to the sugar dance winning team. To the amazing team of dancers who danced next to my house at the Bat Mitzvah and made the dance an unforgettable experience. It started with rehearsals with the girl who really en...
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